Speaking Topics


Automation and the Impact on the Workplace

Automation is impacting every area of the workplace, from the reception desk to the executive suite. Learn what is here already, what is on the horizon, and how you can be prepared for the coming Artificial Intelligence tsunami.

Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook)

Any Microsoft Office topic can be covered from tips and tricks to beginner through advanced topics, including going in-depth on specialized narrowly focused topics. Custom programs can created as needed. Sample program topics:

Microsoft Office
  • Digital Photograph Manipulation in Microsoft Office
  • Organizing Your Data In Microsoft Office
  • Reducing Redundant Tasks in Microsoft Office
  • Sharing Data Across Microsoft Office
  • Timesaving Tips in Microsoft Office
  • Tips and Tricks (can be focused on any Office program)
Microsoft Word
  • Field Codes in Microsoft Word
  • Find Out About Find and Replace in Word
  • Forms in Microsoft Word
  • Mail Merge Mania
  • Macros in Microsoft Word
  • Step Into Word Styles
Microsoft Excel
  • Charts and Graphs in Microsoft Excel
  • Conditional Formatting in Microsoft Excel
  • Formulas in Microsoft Excel
  • Manipulating Data in Microsoft Excel
  • Pivot Tables in Microsoft Excel
Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Advanced Options for Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Animations and Transitions in Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Finessing Your Presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Mastering Templates in Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Outlook
  • Conquering Your Calendar in Microsoft Outlook
  • Controlling the Chaos of Your Outlook Inbox
  • Outlook Customizations
  • Juggling Multiple Calendars in Microsoft Outlook
  • Taming Your Tasks in Microsoft Outlook
  • The Ins and Outs of Outlook
PowerSearching the Internet

Being able to search for information on the internet in a more focused way can save you hours of time and loads of frustration. Learn the ins and outs of advanced internet search techniques that will narrow your results down from millions to precisely what you need.

Windows Tips and Tricks

Microsoft Windows is a phenomenal operating system that provides myriad ways to customize your computer, search your files and control your experience. Learn more about what you can do with this program.

Career Advancement

Building Your Skills Portfolio

These days, you can't wait for Corporate America to build a career path for you. You need to carve out your own niche in the world. Learn the secrets of making yourself marketable by building a skills portfolio that will carry you through the challenges that life throws at you. Discover how you can create some simple tools to document your past accomplishments as well as assess your current skill set. Create a career map and develop an action plan to highlight your strengths and overcome your weaknesses. Learn about the myriad ways you can enhance your reputation and improve your career opportunities. Chart a course for your own success! Be proactive and prepared for your next performance review or job search. Whether you are just starting out or are a career veteran, you need this edge.

The Electronic Job Search

This enlightening program will walk you through the steps of the electronic job search from determining which job search sites best meet your needs to setting up job search agents and identifying the most effective way to enter your data into online application forms. We'll discuss key factors of formatting your resume whethere it is being submitted as a cut and paste résumé or attachment and also look at the various ways hiring companies will be searching their database of candidates so that your resume will float to the top in their searches.

Negotiating Your Career

This program walks you through negotiating your best job offer. We'll discuss why people don't try to negotiate better terms in job offers and why they SHOULD! We'll look at the various factors in a job offer and which have room for flexibility. We'll discuss the timing of your negotiations and how to start as well as how to put yourself in a position of power. Finally we'll look at some of your available options and the key factors to success. These tips will help you become more confident about negotiating your career choices!

Social Media for Career Advancement

This session will walk us through the many ways we can utilize social media for career advancement - from networking to job searching to skills development and more. We'll discuss the pros and cons of social media as it relates to your professional development. Learn how you can take full advantage of this technology and communication style to enhance your career.

Professional Development

Becoming the Renaissance Employee

All too often, our employers pigeonhole us into certain roles, convinced that we have a certain set of skills and they know our potential. This program will help you to get beyond feeling like a small cog in a big machine and discover new ways of encouraging your employer to consider your skills in a new light. We'll discuss critical thinking skills and suggest methods to become more of a partner to your boss and company. We'll explore how you can expand your role into new areas and develop new skills (but more importantly new approaches to your current job). You'll get a better understanding of the different perspectives you can bring to your job to solve problems and become a more valued employee in the process.

Conflict Resolution Skills

Workplace drama costs companies millions of dollars every year, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Identify the major causes of conflict and better methods of resolving workplace disputes peacefully. Sometimes all it takes is a new perspective.

Planning Large Scale Events

Pulling off a large scale event flawlessly requires months of intense planning and action. Learn the key components of organizing a large event and ensuring everything goes smoothly. We’ll also discuss the important debriefing steps to ensure future events build on the success of the past and don’t repeat the mistakes.

Proofreading 101

Developing your proofreading skills means that you look at much more than whether words are misspelled or not. Learn about the many different facets of proofreading and why each is a critical component in your documents.

Tech Tools for the Savvy Admin

Staying aware of websites, software and apps that can help us do our jobs more efficiently will ensure that our skills stay cutting edge. Learn about some of the newest programs out there to help us get more done in less time and with less effort.

Troubleshooting Videoconferencing Issues

Virtual meetings save us so much time and money, but they can be extremely frustrating when something goes wrong. Learn some of the most common issues and how you might be able to address them without involving your IT folks. We’ll also discuss best practices for preventing issues in the first place.

Working More Effectively

Are you overwhelmed by having too much to do? Would you like to have more balance in your life and more time for YOU? This energetic and informative presentation will showcase 50 tips to shave time off your tasks both at work and at home by advance planning, streamlining, reorganizing, eliminating, delegating, utilizing technology, and combining tasks. You'll learn to work more effectively and accomplish more in less time. Cumulatively, these tips will add up to HOURS earned. How would you spend an extra hour a day?

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