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Productivity Workshop
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Productivity Workshop

Are you increasingly expected to do more with less? Well that might not be your only option. This half day productivity workshop will explore time management options and methods of organizing and attacking your to do lists more effectively. We'll also discuss how you can move from constant firefighter mode to peaceful productivity mode. Multi-tasking is a myth, but we've got some facts to help you achieve more with your limited amount of time. Join me for this half day workshop focused on productivity. This entire event will be held virtually!

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Make 2020 Your Best Year Ever Seminar

Make 2020 Your Best Year Ever Seminar

What would it be like to craft the life of your dreams? You can find out during this full day seminar where we will spend time identifying what is going well and what could be improved in your life, create a strategy for achieving your dream life and put in place systems and processes to help you achieve your goals.

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