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July 24, 2018
12:00 PM Central Time

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Advanced Options for PowerPoint Presentations
We'll explore advanced options available to you in Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations during this 90-minute webinar. Learn functions that will save you time and help you better organize your presentations.

Past Recorded Webinars

Adv. Options for Presentations
Utilize advanced PowerPoint functions to create and edit presentations. This webinar will teach you some of the advanced presentation options available to you!
Bookmarks, Cross-References, and Hyperlinks
Bookmarks, Cross-References & Hyperlinks, Oh My!
So often in Microsoft Office we want to go from here to there - whether a location within our document or another file or the web. This webinar shows you the best way to get there!

Charts and Graphs
Charts and Graphs
Charts and graphs in Microsoft Office can be incredibly complex but you can master them. We'll learn about the many options available to customize your chart exactly the way you want.

Desktop Publishing
Desktop Publishing
Whether you are making newsletters, flyers and other graphic based documents, a good understanding of the various desktop publishing features built into Microsoft Office will make your job easier.

Field Codes in Microsoft Word
Field Codes
You use field codes every single day in Microsoft Word, whether you realize it or not. Join us in this 90 minute webinar to discover what goes on with them behind the scenes.

Find and Replace
Find & Replace
So you think Find & Replace is Find Bill; Replace with William? This feature is SO much more powerful than that! Learn how to find text that changes, replace excess white space, and more.

Forms allow you to create custom input options for your end users. You can learn how to create something as simple as a lunch order to something as complex as HR and legal forms with this webinar.

Formulas in Excel
Formulas can confound us all at times. Learn more in this webinar about functions and formulas available to you in Excel as well as how to troubleshoot when something goes wrong.

Macros allow you to capture keystrokes and play them back on demand. Learn more about this extremely useful function that will save you hours of time.

Mail Merges
Mail Merges
Mail merges allow you to combine records with "shell" documents (form letters, labels, emails, etc.) so you can customize documents. Learn all about mail merges with this webinar.

Manipulating Data in Excel
Manipulating Data in Excel
Excel is powerful and offers great data manipulation capabilities. Learn morea about splitting and merging columns and cleaning up incorrect data in imported spreadsheets.

Outlook Ins and Outs
Outlook - Ins and Outs
Outlook has many useful features that will save time and effort in organizing your emails, calendar entries, tasks and more. Learn about some of the most handy options.

Pivot Tables
Pivot Tables
Pivot Tables are one of the best things since sliced bread! They allow you to summarize your raw data into useful information. Learn all about these fantastic features in this webinar.

Outlook Ins and Outs
PowerSearching The Internet
Do you struggle with finding information on the internet? Overwhelmed with millions of results, none of which seem to be what you want? Learn how to search effectively online.

Reducing Repetitive Tasks
Reducing Repetitive Tasks
Do you find yourself doing certain tasks over and over again and wishing there were a more efficient way to do them in Office? There is! Learn how in this webinar.

Sharing Data Across Microsoft Office
Sharing Data Across Office
Microsoft Office doesn't always play nice in the sandbox when it comes to sharing data across the various programs. Learn how to wrangle the cats by making simple changes in your data.

Styles in Word
Styles in Microsoft Word
Utilizing the Styles function in Microsoft Word can do so much more than make text consistent! Learn how much you can actually be doing when you incorporate Styles into your documents!
Tables in Word
Tables in Microsoft Word
We work with Tables every day, but how well do we really know them? Find out in this webinar where we will delve into the nuances of Tables that you've never had time to explore!
Time Saving Tips
Time Saving Tips
Tbere are so many ways to shave minutes and even hours off the work that you do in Microsoft Office. We'll explore options across several Office programs.
Working With Large Word Documents
Working with Large Documents
Learn the ins and outs of working with complex large Word documents and discover ways to make life easier for you.