Advanced Techniques - Reducing Repetitive Tasks in Microsoft Office

Reducing Repetitive Tasks In Microsoft Office

Cost: $30.00

This 90 minute webinar will save you hours of time in the future. We'll be teaching you various techniques in Microsoft Word and Excel to help you reduce the amount of time you spend on repetitive tasks.

Participants will learn how to:

bulletCapture the steps you often find yourself repeating and save them for future use.

bulletEnter information once and have it automatically update in multiple locations in your document.

bulletCreate and organize boilerplate text to insert whenever you need it on the fly.

bulletRemove excess white space and tabs automatically when you copy and paste text between programs.

bulletForce Office programs to start with a particular file already open.

bulletOrganize bits and pieces of text and information you need to access regularly.

bulletRemove duplicate rows of information in your spreadsheets automatically.

bulletConsolidate your repetitive copy and pasting efforts.

bulletCleanup your data when it doesn't import neatly.

bulletDiscover some unique features within find and replace that let you replace data with variable data.

bulletand more!!!

Attendees will be provided a link to the live webinar approximately 48 hours prior to the webinar as well as access to the recording for 30 days afterwards. All attendees will receive a handout with step by step instructions detailing what was covered during the webinar. In addition, a letter can be provided that is suitable for submitting for 1.5 Certified Administrative Professional (CAP) recertification points.

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