Advanced Techniques - Macros in Microsoft Word

Macros in Microsoft Word

Cost: $30.00

This 90 minute webinar will teach you tips to save hours of time. We'll be showing you how to create macros in Microsoft Word.

Participants will learn how to:

bulletSummarize your data into one simple table using Excel's Pivot Table feature.

bulletaddress security concerns from using macros in your documents

bulletcreate macros from scratch in Microsoft Office

bulletexecute a macro step by step to test it

bulletedit macros after you have created them

bulletuse macros to automate document creation

bulletpause the macro to allow user input

bulletget macros to repeat when needed

bulletcreate a button to run the macro

bulletUtilize macros with forms

bulletadd a shortcut to your macro to help you be more efficient

bulletorganize your macros to make them easier to work with

bulletcreate a personal workbook to hold all your macros and access them from any document

bulletautomatically run a macro when you open up your Office program

bullettransfer macros when you upgrade your software

bullettroubleshoot common issues with macros

bulletand much more!!!

Attendees will be provided a link to the live webinar approximately 48 hours prior to the webinar as well as access to the recording for 30 days afterwards. All attendees will receive a handout with step by step instructions detailing what was covered during the webinar. In addition, a letter can be provided that is suitable for submitting for 1.5 Certified Administrative Professional (CAP) recertification points.

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